Precision Tube Cutting in Erie, PA

We are tube cutters and we cut tubes…lots of tubes!!

Big deal—a lot of companies cut tubing, so what makes SEPCO different?

Our Sinico tube-cutting machines produce extremely accurate cut-to-length tubes in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The capability to cut a tube and to face and chamfer both ends in one machine makes for a very efficient production process. Bushings, sleeves, inner members, outer members, spacers, inner metals or outer metals… No matter what you call them, our skilled operators excel at making products on our modern, high-performance Sinico tube cutting and end finishing machines.

Still what makes Sepco different than any other tube cutter?

Some of them have great equipment too.

Most tube cutters are only interested in high volume jobs and many will not set up a machine for less than a 20,000-piece run. While we love the million-piece orders, many of our customers do not deal in those volumes. To serve them profitably, we aggressively attacked our setup times using our version of the Toyota Kata problem solving technique. Our short setup times make lot size nearly irrelevant allowing us to run lots as small as 500 pieces.

That’s pretty cool you say? What else makes you different?
Some of our tube cutting machines are equipped with additional drilling units that allow us to make a tube-like part from solid bar. This capability really comes in handy when the customer needs parts that are not available in off the shelve tube sizes, and the quantity does not justify a mill run or mill lead times.

You need a part that has higher mechanical strength than a tube can offer? We may be able to make your part from alloy steel, Stressproof@, FatigueProof@ or an equivalent.

Not many other tube cutters can do that!

Finally, we simply have great people that are focused on making constant improvements in everything they do



Our family of SINICO machines can handle all metal materials like steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum in diameters from 10mm to 85 mm and lengths from 16mm to 350mm (diameters from.395” to 3.375” and lengths from .625” to 14”) Our Sinico family members are: Larry, Shemp, Joe, Curly, and our latest addition, Sophia (we named her Sophia because everyone knows that women are more productive).

Our tube cutting machines are automated and programmable for repeatable quality and increased throughput. Our cut tubes are used in countless industries ranging from agriculture to outboard marine to automotive and heavy truck. They all count on our tube cutting services to provide what they need when they need it.

We cut a lot of A513 Welded Steel Tubing and A519 Seamless Steel Tubing

We cut all kinds of tubing—steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other copper alloys but the bulk of what we cut is steel tubing. DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) steel tubing made to the A513-5 spec is the most common but we cut a good amount of As-Welded tubing as well (ASTM A513-1 made from hot rolled steel and A513-2 which is made from cold rolled steel). A513-5 DOM tubing offers close tolerances, smooth finishes and improved mechanical properties.

Rubber to Metal Bonders—This is for you!

Rubber to Metal Bonding companies love us and we love them too! They love us because the consistent lengths of our cut tubes virtually eliminate damage to their molds. This makes managers and maintenance people happy. They love us because the consistent lengths of our cut tubes greatly reduces the amount of flash that the press operators have to deal with. That makes them happy. They love us because small lots are welcomed at Sepco, not dreaded and avoided like they are at other tube cutters.

They love us because our ability to drill a solid bar to create a tube might allow their final assembly to meet higher mechanical requirements. That makes their Engineers happy. The ability to drill can also make short runs possible when tubing cannot be found in the needed size. That makes Production Planners happy. We like our customers to be happy. We want to be your partner and supplier of Inner Metals and Outer Metals for your rubber to metal products.

Applications of Precision Tube Cutting

Applications of Sepco’s cut tubes:

  • Steel cut tubing
  • Inner metals and Outer metals for rubber to metal bonded components
  • Inner Members and Outer Members for rubber to metal bonded components
  • Compression limiters
  • Tubes for stamped assemblies
  • Spacers
  • Sleeves
  • Bushings