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Here at SEPCO, we do things differently than the average machine shop. We have a long-standing and healthy relationship with our clients and recognize that technological growth is paramount to staying competitive in today’s global economy. Through this technology we are able to act as suppliers to many markets,  providing our customers with precision solutions for rubber to metal molding companies, unique aluminum extrusions manufacturers, banjo fittings producers, and precision metal stamping manufacturers. We have all the common machine types here, but what is uncommon is our processes and world-class practices hardly found in machine shops of our size. Read below to find out more about these processes and how we can help serve your market!

SEPCO Provides Precision Inner and Outer Bushings for the Rubber to Metal Bonding Markets

There are many factors that go into making the best rubber to metal parts. SEPCO’s precision bushing machining process supports rubber to metal bonding where rubber will fill the manufactured holes and the cavities on each side, resulting in a mechanical bond. To make an adhesive bond more robust it is vital to work with a partner that can offer manufacturability and design advice, as well as produce a superior product, on-time and on-budget.  That is us!

SEPCO loves rubber to metal bonders, and they love us too.  Because of the speed and precision of our tube cutting process, will make your rubber to metal process a breeze.  It virtually eliminates flash, mold damage, increasing your throughput.  Your operators will love us!  In order to produce a rubber to metal bond for vibration reduction, SEPCO supplies the inner and outer sleeves which then has the rubber bonded between.  We cut the tube and machine both ends to length, often times working with your engineering team for manufacturability (DFM).  Because the overall length is so critical to the rubber to metal bonding process, most of our cut tubes are 100% inspected for length  after machining and finishing.  


SEPCO accurately bonds all rubber to metal fixtures using vibrations, shock, and noise control components, to improve our end products. Using vibration isolation, fixtures will sustain less damage and will be easier to produce. Along with additive valued services like vibration isolation, SEPCO provides rubber to metal bondings that are mold resistant, making our fixtures, high-quality, and cost-efficient.

SEPCO Provides Machining Services for Aluminum Extrusion Companies

With recent sizable investments to broaden our reach into the aluminum extrusion market, we provide our customers with some of the most comprehensive range of machining capabilities for aluminum extrusions. Aluminum extrusions offer engineers, architects, and product designers a unique combination of attributes that can lead to outstanding product solutions. SEPCO’s machining capabilities for aluminum extrusions produce strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant fixtures. Extrusions are ideal for today’s world based on producing tight tolerances and engineered performance, while being infinitely recyclable. Please contact us to learn more and to discuss design specifications and tolerances for aluminum extrusions.

SEPCO Provides Banjo Fittings, Banjo Bolts, and Banjo Pipe Fittings for a Variety of Assemblies

SEPCO is your one stop shop for all types of banjo fittings. Banjo fittings receive their names because they are roughly shaped like a banjo (except ours don’t have strings!) and attach to the end of a fuel line using a hose barb or are brazed directly on to the line. We offer turnarounds in as little as one week on and will do short run orders, too. Some examples of Banjo fittings we provide are Banjo to Male JIC Adapters, Full Passage or Throttle-Free Banjo Adapters, Single and Double Banjo Bolts, Banjo Hose Barbs, Banjo Tee Adapters, and Braze on Metric and BSPP Banjos.

SEPCO Provides Tubes and Related Components to Stamping Houses

SEPCO serves many stamping houses around the nation by supplying tubes used to be stamped into a desirable end product. We also provide many components for the stamping assemblies as well. The process of stamping can be a very complex process of converting flat sheet metal into tubes and then combine a variety of manufacturing processes to eventually achieve the product in question. Many of these tubular parts are not relatively common, but at SEPCO, we are able to provide expertise in this area and the precise tubes needed for any stamping job.