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Tube Cutting and End Finishing is a large part of our business, but we do more . . . . much more!  We also use CNC Turning and Machining Centers to produce a wide variety of machined-to-print components. Special Banjo Fittings are a niche market that we enjoy as well.
Every shop loves large volume orders, but we really love low volumes almost as much. Steel Tube or Bar, Aluminum Extrusions, and Stainless-Steel Tube and Bar are our most common materials.

Superior Short Run CNC Machining for Over 50 Years

SEPCO primarily deals with CNC machining, ultra-modern tube cutting, aluminum extrusions, and rubber to metal bonding techniques. We also focus on banjo fittings and bolts for hose assemblies, and cut-to-size sawing capabilities to provide various components for local industrial corporations, as well as multiple tube mills nationwide.

A Culture Of Innovation And Efficiency

Recognizing technological growth as a keystone for success in today’s world, SEPCO has the committed resources to remain an industry leader. Our highly-qualified team of experts with experience in working with computer imaging, robotics, and state-of-the-art CNC machines, are a lifeline to the plant. SEPCO is always investing in capabilities that will drive increased value for our customers.


Tube Cutting

Precision Tubing Cut To Length For Your Application.

SEPCO provides cut-to-length tubes for a wide range of applications.  Tube cutting is a passion for us and we have made the investments to be very good at it.  Our cut-to-length products go into a tremendous range of industries ranging from automotive, heavy truck, marine to agriculture.  Stamping houses often weld our tube into their assemblies.

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General Machining

Providing Fast Turnarounds With Our 4th Axis Machines.

There are a lot of different machining processes and that means there are lots of different ways to machine the same part.  At Sepco, we use a wide variety of machine tools and processes that make us different than any other machined parts supplier you have ever seen.  While we have some of the very latest technology available in the machining world, we also continue to use the best of older technology.  The reason is simple – for certain machined parts, the old technology still outperforms even the latest and greatest new machine tools.  We embrace both the old and the new.  Everyone loves to watch a new machine but we recognize that there is still magic in older technologies.  (I love the sound of a cam machine spitting out parts)  The end result is a very efficient process to produce parts for our customers.

Cut-to-Length Sawing

Capabilities To Cut-To-Size Rods, And Bars To Custom Length.

Need some metal cut to an exact length?  We have the equipment to help.

There are several ways to cut blanks or slugs and we use three different methods:

  1. Cold Sawing – Our Nishijimax Cold Saw can handle up to 4″ diameters and is accurate to within +/-.004″ on length.  Cold sawing is fast, accurate, and leaves a “burr-free” end cut. (Burr-free is a discussion topic)
  2. Band Sawing – Up to 10″ diameter
  3. Cold Sawing – On our Sinico machines is an exciting option for many parts


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Banjo Fittings

If you’re looking for something musical, that is not what we do.  Most banjo fittings kind of look like a mini banjo due to their shape, but ours are used primarily to deliver diesel fuel to an engine.  Our banjo fittings are assembled to a hose line that delivers fuel or other fluids to an engine or other system.  They can be either b