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Make SEPCO Your Manufacturing Resource

We do things differently than the average machine shop.  We recognize that technological growth is a keystone to success in today’s very competitive world. We strive to be at the leading edge by committing substantial resources to the newest technologies.

We have some common machine types, but what is unique and fun about Sepco-Erie is our uncommon machines and processes, especially for a smaller machining business.

Look below to see some of the more unusual processes:

SEPCO’s Highly Qualified Team of Machines are Producing Increasingly Fast Turnarounds

Rotary Transfer Machining | Tube Cutting Machining

SEPCO proudly uses Sinico machines to cut tube and bar.  Our Sinicos are rotary transfer machines that excel at producing cut tube with faced and chamfered ends.  Each of our Sinicos has different capabilities and we have one that can drill solid bar to make a bushing.  This comes in handy when tubing is not readily available in a needed size or when our customer needs an end product that has different mechanical requirements than a tube offers.

Our newest Sinico (Sophia) is an engineering marvel offering amazing cycle times and accuracy.  Sophia is equipped with in-process part length checking.  She also maintains all the statistics to ensure our process is capable and stable.

We are proud of our success in reducing setup times on all our Sinicos and especially on Sophia.  The end result is that our setup times are usually so quick that lot size becomes a non-issue.

Vertical Spindle CNC Turning Centers

We have two Hardinge-EMAG Vertical spindle lathes.  It was love at first sight when we saw a Hardinge-EMAG at a PMTS show.

These are essentially automatic chucking machines that can handle workpieces up to 8″ diameter and 5″ high.

Prior to getting our EMAGs, we did our chucking work the old fashioned way — manually placing a blank into a chuck, clamping the part, closing the door, hitting the start button, waiting while the part is machined, removing the part, blowing out the chuck, and starting all over.

That sucked!  And it was no fun for anyone.  Worst of all, we never got consistent production simply because the process was operator paced.

The EMAGs changed all that. Now we place the blanks on a conveyor and the EMAG does its thing.  The end result is that we now have a machine-paced process that is predictable.  Better still, it is easier on the operators.


The Newest Robotic Member to the SEPCO Team, Rosie – The Robot Attached to a Machine

Sepco makes it our daily goal to improve efficiency. This benefits our customers through faster turnaround times and higher quality parts.

SEPCO Pushes Towards an Eco-Friendly Environment by Using SmartSkim

At SEPCO we use only the best quality machines. To be more eco-friendly and efficient, SEPCO uses the CoolantLoop™, a coolant recycling system that is manufactured by SmartSkim® Systems. The benefits to being eco-friendly and using high-quality machines, come from the help of the CoolantLoop™. With our newest eco-friendly addition, we:

  • Reduce our cost of new coolant concentrate purchases by 30% to 75%
  • Cut our cost of dirty coolant disposal by 50% to 90%
  • Continually improve our machine tool cleanliness and reduce misting
  • Eliminate environmental risks and the liability of off-site disposal
  • Improve coolant efficiency

With the dual-compartment processing tank for storing the dirty coolant and applying clean recycled coolant constantly, it makes less work for us, and provides a more eco-friendly opportunity for SEPCO.