Machining Services – CNC Precision & General Machining

Providing Fast Turnarounds


Take a tour of our shop floor and we promise that you will see processes and machines that you have never seen before (we have not failed yet) !  We have a unique blend of the very latest technology and we continue to use tried and true machines that some would call antiques.  We call them machining wonders that are still the very best method to process some parts.  And they are cool.

CNC Lathe area

Nearly every production machine shop has CNC lathes and our 3 and 4-axis machines are not all that special.  It is how we run them that makes us different.


Nearly every job we run is a repeating job and that allows us to really focus on running them the best way possible.  A big part of this is our consistently fast setup times (thanks again, Operators).  We tell our customers that if we have material on the floor, we can be running their parts within an hour, if truly needed.

CNC Machining Centers

We use two turntable mills, a Chiron and a Mazak, that allow the machines to be cutting metal while the parts are being loaded and unloaded.  This is a great time-saver and keeps the spindle working.

In October 2018, we took delivery of our first Brother machining center and we are totally excited! This machine has smoking-fast tool change times and almost scary rapid movements.  The first time I saw a Brother run, I jumped back because it moved so fast!

4th Axis machining is here! We bought the Brother equipped with a full 4th axis table.  We fully expect this system will be revolutionary to the way we machine a lot of our products.

Rotary Transfer Machine

We have an Italian-made rotary transfer machine that allows us to attack a part from 3 sides with 3 spindles on each side.  That’s 9 spindles, folks!  Very few shops our size have this type of machine and this is another thing that makes us different.

Like we said, we are not a “ME TOO” operation.



SEPCO’s Experience and Services Are Beyond Our Leading Competitors

With over 50 years of experience in precision machining, our crew can handle a lot of variety and a lot of challenges.  Some projects can be run well using standard equipment but other projects might run better using a more creative process and those are the kinds of projects we love to tackle.

We pride ourselves on constantly improving our long running jobs.  I love walking through our shop and seeing unusual machining processes that have evolved in productivity and quality.

The industries we serve are extremely varied ranging from automotive to zoos (we once made some fasteners for a lion cage).  We are a small business but our products are everywhere.


Choose SEPCO For All Your General CNC Machining Needs

SEPCO handles all of your general machining needs in-house with highly skilled machinists, and equipment. No matter how large or complex the project may be, we provide fast and accurate service every time. Using state-of-the-art technology and general machining processes, SEPCO can machine parts to your unique specifications. With our precision metalworking lathes, including Hardinge precision machines, we can easily produce innovative prototypes and high-quality machined parts. Contact us today to learn more about SEPCO’s machining services.