Custom Banjo Fittings for Fuel Lines

Banjo Fittings 

Banjo fittings got their name because they are roughly shaped like a banjo (the ones we make do not go on a string instrument).

Banjo fittings are attached to the end of a fuel line with a hose barb or are brazed to the line.  There are several advantages to using banjo fittings – ease of assembly, better sealing, reduced space needs, and vibration resistance.

Common applications are fuel delivery in autos, trucks, farm equipment, and hydraulic systems.

SEPCO specializes in manufacturing banjo fittings for smaller automotive parts, and makes banjo bolts as well, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your banjo fitting needs.

Producing Banjo Fittings for Over 20 Years

SEPCO manufactures banjo fittings.  Compared to pipe fittings that are themselves threaded, banjo fittings have the advantage that they do not have to be rotated relative to the host fitting.  this avoids the risk of damage by twisting the hose when screwing the fitting into place.  It also allows the fitting to handle extremely high pressures, making it the popular choice for accessories and fluid systems.  

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High-Quality Precision Banjo Fittings & Bolts with Rapid Turnarounds

The main advantage of SEPCO manufacturing your banjo fittings is our increasingly fast turnarounds. In as little as 1 week, we can get our customers a short run order, in and out, depending on the specifications. 

Common Applications of Banjo Fittings Manufactured by SEPCO

  • Power Steering Systems
  • Brake Lines
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Fuel filter connectors
  • Hydraulic systems