Precision Metal Saw Cutting

SEPCO Offers Cost-Effective & Reliable Precision Metal Saw Cutting

When faced with a cutting need that demands high precision and safety, cold cutting is an ideal option. SEPCO provides ultra high-pressure cold cutting services that deliver cost-effective, efficient, and reliable results. SEPCO works with a variety of substrates including steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. We stand out in the aluminum extrusion industry by utilizing our cut-to-size sawing technologies, meeting even the most complicated and time-sensitive requirements for aluminum extrusions, rods, pips and bars. Our precision cold saws are equipped to handle the material and load per packaging specifications. We can handle up to 24 feet of pipe using our precision saw cutting machines to meet all your cutting needs.Our team can design and manufacture special tooling to help manage problem-solving solutions.

Cut-to-Size Rods, Pipes, and Bars to Custom Length

At SEPCO, we have precision cold saws that use a machined circular saw blade that is both accurate and fast. Our saws are suited for high volume, repeating applications, and are reliable. Precision saw cutting is used to supply gram weight tolerance, precision-cut parts that are ready for a forging machine, or machining centers. Our precision cold saws are equipped to handle the material and load per packaging specifications. Some benefits of precision saw cutting using our cold saws are:

  • Just-in-time, ready for your machining centers or forging operations
  • Utilize your plant floor space for your services, not saws and shears
  • Close tolerance cutting eliminates waste
  • Improves finish operations throughout

One of the most notable advantages of abrasive waterjet cutting is the ability to control the water stream and fluid dynamics. We can accurately, efficiently, and safely cut almost any material. SEPCO has a proven safety record and strictly follows all environmental compliance requirements when performing cold cutting services.

Choosing SEPCO For All Your Precision Saw Cutting Needs

Using our cold-saw cutting technology, SEPCO offers you close-tolerance, almost burr-free, smooth finished parts ready for production, or your end use. With tolerances as close as +/-.008″, we can cold-saw cut one piece or thousands of articles depending on your requirements. Cold-saw technology is used extensively with stainless, aluminum, carbon steel bar, and tubing products. Contact us today for a quote on your cold-sawing product specifications.