About Sepco-Erie


Those words started it all for Leo Ignasiak. Leo was the plant Superintendent at a large factory in the mid-1960s with a secure job. He was 50 years old with 6 kids at home in a house they just built. A house with a hefty mortgage.


Leo worked two jobs and fixed televisions on the side and at the same time he started buying machines to start his own machining business in half of a two-car garage. What started out with a turret lathe and a drill press is now a modern 18,000 sf air-conditioned machining marvel.


A lot! Sepco-Erie is not a “me too” machine shop. We are different in our processes and our attitude. We can promise that you will see at least one machine or process that you have not seen before…no matter your experience level.

We make extensive use of Rotary Transfer Machines (surprisingly, no Hydromats here!) We also have CNC turning centers and vertical machining centers. We even have a 1960’s model Brown & Sharpe that is perfect for some particular jobs (I love that old cam machine!).

We have an eclectic mix of old equipment and the most modern machines available. We are very good at maintaining our equipment. Old or new, all our machines are clean and well loved.

You will also feel the difference when touring our business. Our associates are engaged and happy to show off their skills. Feel free to talk to anyone when you visit.

Our culture is not an accident and it is a work in process. We owe a lot to Paul Akers and his 2 Second Lean approach. After years of futile attempts to implement Lean Manufacturing, we are finally making great progress. But that is not all. We even have fun sometimes. Love you Paul!

We also owe a lot to the many world class companies that allowed us to benchmark off them.